The Gundam TTRPG Actual Play Podcast

Feddie Scum is an actual-play tabletop roleplaying game (TTRPG) podcast set in the Universal Century timeline of the Gundam franchise. The podcast follows Dallas, Zach, Matt, Kat, and Furin, as they play characters under the direction of the gamemaster, Adam. The game takes place during the One Year War and beyond, providing listeners with an exciting adventure with plenty of twists and turns. Who will survive?Actual-play podcasts have gained popularity in recent years, as they offer a unique form of entertainment that combines storytelling, improvisation, and gameplay. These podcasts typically feature engaging characters, intricate world-building, and thrilling action sequences, making them a hit with audiences.Feddie Scum offers a fresh take on the actual-play format with shorter, edited sessions that balance table talk with a more polished, curated experience similar to an audio drama. This approach creates a compelling and entertaining story that engages listeners and keeps them coming back for more.Feddie Scum is available on all major podcast platforms, providing easy access for anyone who wants to jump in and experience the thrill of the One Year War and beyond.Click here for more guidance on where to start, or click on your preferred platform below.

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The Story So Far...

Below are all major entrees into our podcast adventure so far, in chronological order. This is our main story, set in Gundam's expansive Universal Century.


The debut series follows the exploits of the EFNF Flying Anchors as Zeon's Earth Attack Force makes its initial assault on Earth!Feddie Scum stars Dallas, Zach, Kat, Matt, Furin, and Scoop as they fight to survive a guerilla war across the North American front and beyond!

Alternatively, you can start with our recap episodes that summarize the first arc of the show, Feddie Scum: THE ORIGIN Part I & II!


Feddie Scum 0083 is our second season starring a new cast of Earth Federation characters played by Zach, Kat, and Furin.Follow Shoal Zone Attack-Patrol 5 (SZAP5) as they discover an intricate plot revolving around the legendary pirate ship-- the Takarabune, and an ominous code phrase: "WHEN BLADE MEETS EASE."


Feddie Scum Zeta, aka Zeta Scum, is our ongoing season focused on Advance of Zeta and Zeta Gundam, new episodes premiere every other week on the RSS feed, and early exclusives and bonus episodes are released on Patreon!The old gang is back and better than ever! Join Dallas, Furin, Matt, Kat, and Zach as they navigate a hostile Earth Sphere lousy with Titans at the onset of the Gryps Conflict.

And beyond...

Occasionally we do a series set in one of Gundam's many alternative universes. You can find those below! Any of these are great to start without any prior knowledge of Feddie Scum's adventures in the Universal Century.


Gundam Fight 20: The American Preliminaries is our first alternative universe series. The seventeen-episode series exclusive to Patreon is now available to all as our third season!Join Dallas, Kat, Matt, and Zach as they compete in the deadly and unhinged state-vs-state Mobile Fighter tournament that will decide the fate of the USA in the Future Century.